The Dawn of digital intelligence

The Dawn of digital intelligence

The K Word Digital provokes the conversations in their names where conversations, considerations and compliances must be held.

We first stepped into this giant industry in the early years of 2014 when marketing was in consolidation in our country. One client at a time, we pushed brand narratives in ways that have never been imagined or at least… dreamt of in those times.

Our versatility has seen us working with local brands that range from street food shops/retreatants, finance houses all the way up to mining companies – We go beyond the business of making money… We thrive to see our clients breathe #BlackExcellence back into the streets of the people they serve.

For many years the contexts of black business offerings were frowned upon for poor service delivery with high asking prices. However, the clients we accept or are willing to elevate are those that stand in tune with their business manifestos through and through.

Because with this level of discipline, not only do we grow who we are through the magnitude of clients which we represent, but we grow by growing our clients’ footprints.

Unconventional creativity is the core drive of our business because we build brands for and to fearless, boundless, and highly imaginative individuals and groups. We do have offerings that play by the books… Just don’t expect us NOT to require balls from time to time because we believe there’s great value to be found in going beyond the brief.  

Our goal is to have the brands that we represent compete on national, international, and ultimately on global scales of our time…

“You have to contribute to opportunities arising, or there can never be a platform for dialogue to even begin.”  – Tylor Maje.